Monday, September 1, 2008

Guerilla Gardening - An Act of Floral Disobedience

OK, so if you're like me you'll walk through RP (or many other places in Phoenixville) and say "this looks terrible, someone ought to do something about this." Actually, for what it's worth, the main reason I created this blog was because I got sick of thinking that while walking through RP. Anyway, I've specifically thought that about the little upside-down bell next to the Samuel Reeves statue. Literally, for years I've walked past it and thought "this sucks, it could look so nice if someone planted some flowers, this town drives me crazy sometimes." Well, a couple of months ago, my frustration culminated in an act of floral disobedience known as "guerrilla gardening."

Why did I drive over to Colonial Gardens on a Sunday afternoon to buy these petunias at my own expense, dig up the weeds and plant these flowers? Two reasons: 1) I care too much about the park to let it look crappy, 2) I knew that if I asked someone with the borough public works department to do something about it it would probably never happen. I am not bashing the borough, but it's pretty clear that maintaining the landscaping at RP is not a top priority for them. The funny thing is that, at some level, I was probably breaking some civil ordinance, but hey if planting petunias is wrong, I don't want to be right...


Clause said...

You people know this is illegal and considered vandalism? This is outrageous! Are you proud of yourselves?

Looks great guys, keep up the great work!

Julie said...

Good for you!

Hope you keep updating the blog.